All About The Plug-In Hybrid: The Honda Clarity

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What Is A Plug In Hybrid?

A plug-in hybrid is a hybrid electric vehicle that combines the benefits of an efficient gasoline engine plus an electric powertrain whose battery pack can be charged from an external power source. Unlike traditional hybrid vehicles that can only go a short distance on electric-only power, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) can travel longer distances before the gasoline engine kicks in thanks to their chargeable battery packs.

As Honda strives to electrify two thirds of auto sales by 2030, we focus on outstanding hybrid-based vehicles like the all-new Honda Clarity. Come with us as we explore the Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid and discover how we’ve innovated PHEVs to go further on less fuel.

The Awesomeness Of The Honda Clarity

The Honda Clarity is a fantastic plug in hybrid electric vehicle that can travel up to 47 miles on pure electric driving. Utilizing Honda’s innovative dual motor technology, the Honda Clarity combines an ultra efficient 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle 4 cylinder engine that generates power for the electric motor for a total of 212 system horsepower. Storing energy to drive you forward, the 17 kWh battery saves the energy you need and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours at 240 volts.

Ensuring you can surpass the gas station without worry, in addition to the Clarity’s 47-mile electric range, the Honda Clarity returns an EPA estimated rating of 110MPGe.

Even on longer journeys where you surpass the 47 mile range, the hyper efficient 1.5-liter engine can even act as a direct power source so you don’t have to scramble for a charger. Even without a charge, the Clarity returns an EPA estimated 42MPG combined.

Maximizing your driving experience, the Honda Clarity even features selectable drive modes, such as Normal, Sport, and Econ, which each features a unique driving personality, contrasting the boring characteristics that seem to overshadow some hybrids. The Clarity even features a unique HV mode, which can be used in addition to any drive mode, which preserves battery power until you wish to use it.

The Honda Sensing Suite

Striving for a collision free society, each new Honda Clarity is fitted with an advanced suite of driver assist features that provides an extra defense against collisions by monitoring traffic and your driving position, and intervening if necessary.

Automatic emergency braking with collision mitigation watches your path and will warn you if you’re approaching a vehicle or crossing pedestrian. If no action is taken, the system can even engage automatic brake force to prevent or reduce a frontal collision.

Road Departure Mitigation can vibrate the steering wheel if you’re drifting out of your lane, and even provide corrective steering action to prevent you from leaving the road and having an accident.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow allows you to streamline your highway travel by setting cruise control and not having to do anything once you approach a slower moving vehicle. The system will automatically reduce your speed and maintain a safe distance until your path is clear.

The suite continues, veen featuring Honda Lanewatch, which uses a mirror mounted camera to give you an unobstructed view of your side so you can change lanes more confidently.

Get Your Clarity Today

Striving to produce the best plug-in hybrids, we’ve perfected the Honda Clarity to pioneer our advanced PHEV technology. We even welcome you to check out the Honda Accord plug-in hybrid that uses the same advanced technology.

Here at Honda of Ocala, we welcome you to come in and explore this advanced technology and enjoy the innovative efficiency of a PHEV. Providing outstanding customer service and offering dynamic specials, you won’t regret making Honda of Ocala your number one choice. Make your way down to our Honda dealership today and test drive the 2022 Honda Clarity today.

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