New Car Vs. Used Car In 2021: Which Is The Best Choice?

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Buying A New Vs. Used Car In 2021: Benefits & Risks Of Each Option

If you’re planning to get a new set of wheels, you have two options: a new car or a used model. Each of these options has its upsides and downsides, which you need to consider carefully before you go car shopping.

To help, we’ve identified the benefits of buying new vs. used cars so you can make an informed decision. Please find out the differences between a new vs. used car 2021 below, then visit us at Honda of Ocala, Ocala, FL, to learn more about our new and used vehicles.

Buying A New Car: Benefits & Risks

Buying a brand new car comes with several advantages. For starters, buying a new vehicle enables you to own a car with a clean history. This means owning a vehicle that has never been in an accident or mistreated by previous owners.

In addition, buying a new Honda allows you to own a car with the latest gadgets, the most up-to-date safety system, higher fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. Not to mention new cars tend to have lower financing rates vs. used models.

And since your new vehicle wouldn’t need new tires, battery, brakes, or another replacement part for the first few years, you’ll be able to save up thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements.

Other perks of going new include the ability to enjoy a manufacturer warranty, long-term reliability, and so much more.

That said, there’s one major issue in buying a new car — depreciation. A new car loses around 40 percent of its original value in the first three years of ownership.

Buying A Used Model: Benefits & Risks

One of the major benefits of buying a used car is price; used vehicles usually carry lower sticker prices than the new models on the market. Also, when you purchase a used model, it will not depreciate as fast as it would if you were to buy a new vehicle. Besides, buying a late model certified pre-owned vehicle allows you to enjoy nearly all the features a new car offers at a fraction of the cost.

That said, the drawback of buying a used car is that the overall cost of ownership may be higher than a new model, especially when little is known about its performance or service history.

Explore Our Range Of New & Used Cars

When selecting a new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with Honda of Ocala, Ocala, FL. Our vast selection of new Honda cars, SUVs, and trucks helps guarantee you’ll find the Honda car of your dreams amongst our inventory.

So, whether you’re a car buyer considering a new vehicle for the peace of mind it offers or desire used models for their low insurance rates, you can contact us for your ideal car today.

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