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The Do’s and Don’ts of Tire Care & Repair

What’s the Big Wheel about Tire Care?

It’s no surprise that tires are one of the most critical pieces of your car. After all, performance, braking, fuel economy, handling, and safety all revolve around the condition of your tires.

So, tire service and care is an absolute must for driving your vehicle thousands of miles and having fun while doing so. Here are a few quick tips to keep your tires in premium condition. And for replacements, alignments, and any other tire maintenance you need, stop by Honda of Ocala’s Tire Center and schedule service today.

Tire Do’s

Tire Do #1: Always check your inflation

Did you know driving on an under-inflated tire can reduce its lifespan by 9,000 miles? Alongside needing to buy a replacement tire sooner than needed, driving with low tire pressure also increases your braking distance (not a good thing) while reducing your handling and responsiveness when steering. It’s not only dangerous, but you’ll also experience an ultra-stale ride.

When you stop by Honda of Ocala’s Tire Center, we can check each tire’s inflation level to ensure you’re cruising Florida with the right amount of air to keep your performance and safety at their peak.

Tire Do #2: Schedule routine tire rotations

You’ll want your tire wear to spread evenly across all your tires to maximize your grip when taking a fast turn, or to help you come to an instant stop when you slam your brakes. Also, when your wheels fall out of alignment, driving in a straight line feels like a challenge, as your car tries to jerk to all sides of the road.

At Honda of Ocala, we recommend re-aligning your tires every 5,000 miles. And when you schedule service with us, our experts perform this service with finesse and precision to keep your handling at its peak.

Tire Do #3: Rotate Your Tires.

When you rotate your tires, their position on your car changes (i.e. front left wheel moves to the rear). This ensures your tires wear evenly when you turn, brake, take off and much more.

Stop by our Tire Center, and our trained technicians can rotate your tires to keep your tread wear even and your driving performance optimal.

Tire Don’ts

Tire care isn’t just about maintenance. The process also involves not engaging in destructive behaviors toward your tires. Here are a few things not to do when driving.

Don’t drive on damaged tires—ever.

When you notice threads and fabric showing through your tires, it’s damaged. And driving on these tires risks your safety since your braking, steering, and control are compromised. In this case, you’ll want to head to our tire center and replace your faulty set of wheels ASAP.

Don’t rely on tire plugs to fix your flats.

Remember, tire plugs are a quick and temporary fix—not a permanent solution. In most cases, the plugs cover your tire long enough to get to your nearest tire center to repair or replace the damaged wheel. At Honda of Ocala, our tire technicians know the salvageability of your tires and will walk you through the best options when you take your car in.

Don’t spin your tires if you’re stuck.

This is especially true if you’re driving on loose grades like mud. When your tires spin, you burn rubber—and not in a good way. At best, you’ll damage your tire and need to come to Honda of Ocala for a repair. At worst your tire can explode in the process, which is far from safe.

Instead of spinning your wheels, put your car in park and slip a mat under the stuck tire. Then, slowly drive forward until you’re on solid ground.

Care for the Spare

Don’t forget that your spare tires also require care and attention from you. Just like your normal tires, you’ll want to ensure they’re always properly inflated and the tread looks good—you never know when you’ll need to put it on your car as a quick fix.

For smaller and temporary spare tires, remember not to drive on them too long. Their only goal is to get you to a tire shop like Honda of Ocala so that you can get your replacement wheels. Driving at quick speeds, or even for extended periods of time puts stress on the tire, which puts your safety at risk of the tire breaks while you’re on the road.

Everything Needed for Your Tires in Ocala, FL

Want to keep your tires in optimal condition?

Schedule tire service at Honda of Ocala. Our Honda tire center experts will perform the rotations, alignments, and much more to keep your wear at a minimum and your tire’s lifespan at its maximum. As long as you follow our tips above, you’ll enjoy smooth rides anywhere you drive in Florida.

As your local car dealership in Ocala, we want to keep you safe on the local roads. That’s why we’re always happy to assist anyway we can with impeccable customer service and car knowledge.