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Experience Automotive Evolution With the 2021 Honda Accord

Exterior Design That Communicates Excellence

The 2021 Honda Accord is new in more ways than one. Drivers will appreciate Honda’s effort to redesign this popular sedan’s exterior. Fresh front-end styling helps you make a positive first impression upon your arrival.

The 2021 Accord’s front-end is eye-catching with its combination of minimalism and precision. The result is a bold design that’s not afraid of the spotlight.

Quality wheels can enhance your vehicle’s visual appeal and elevate its performance. The 2021 Honda Accord’s all-new 19-inch alloy wheels offer aesthetic allure and a sense of balance. 19-inch alloy wheels allow the 2021 Accord to possess a confident stance that holds its ground.

Experience the 2021 Honda Accord’s purposeful exterior design by visiting Honda of Ocala today for a test drive.

A Cabin with First-Class Status

This vehicle’s design is equally alluring on the inside. A yin-and-yang balance of space and style helps you take your driving experience to new heights.

No compromises are made with this midsize sedan’s passenger room. You can top off the 2021 Accord’s impressive headspace and legroom with available leather-trimmed seats. The result is an interior that speaks for itself.

Heating and ventilation are essential vehicle features. This redesigned Honda Accord offers available heated front seats and outside rear seats so you can achieve a stable interior environment. The available ventilation feature on select trims gives front passengers the comfort they deserve.

The excitement of the 2021 Honda Accord’s interior doesn’t stop here.

Technology That Adds a New Layer of Excitement to Your Journey

Take advantage of all that Apple Carplay® and Android Auto has to offer within this redesigned Honda sedan.

Wireless Apple Carplay® within the 2021 Accord gives you the connectivity that you need most. Activating navigation and listening to text messages is just the start of what Apple Carplay offers. Scan your music library and set the tone of your drives without having to divert your eyes from the road.

Android users will benefit from the 2021 Honda Accords Android Autointegration. 2021 Accord drivers can utilize Android Auto to access features both large and small. You can increase your awareness by accessing weather reports while receiving directions to your next destination. Make wireless calls for safe on-the-go communication. Expand your limits with this Honda sedan’s cutting-edge connectivity.

Efficiency and Performance

Fuel economy is one of this Honda sedan’s most significant perks. A Hybrid model will award you with a stellar 48 highway and city EPA mpg rating.

Honda doesn’t cut any corners with the 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid’s driving dynamics. 212 system horsepower receives reliable support from the 2021 Accord Hybrid’s responsive torque.

You’ll have the power switch exclusively to EV mode when you’re ready to go electric. EV mode allows you to drive on the 2021 Accord’s hybrid battery and electric motor. 2021 Accord drivers won’t experience a shortage of options.

Discover the Innovative 2021 Honda Accord Today

Place power in your hands by test driving the 2021 Honda Accord at Honda of Ocala. Our in-house team is ready to make your vehicle shopping experience a top priority.